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New Lawsuit Hits ‘Botch’ Hosp

Dec 18, 2001 @ 09:09 PM — by David Worby

Foul-up at W chester left daughter brain-damaged: mom An angry mother yesterday accused Westchester Medical Center of botching a routine procedure on her daughter that left the young woman comatose and brain-damaged. Her lawsuit is the newest trouble for the beleaguered hospital, where a 6-year-old boy undergoing an MRI died in July after he was hit on the head by an oxygen tank. Juanita Boyd of New Rochelle filed suit yesterday, accusing the hospital of malpractice stemming from the March 28, 2000 outpatient procedure on her daughter Nancy, now 24. A catheter was to be inserted into Nancy s jugular vein so she could receive hemodialysis for kidney problems, but they missed and hit the vertebral artery, which sent her into a massive stroke, according to her mother s lawyer, David Worby. By the next morning, she was in emergency, life-saving surgery, he said. They saved her life, but she went into a coma. Recently she came out of the coma, Worby said. She s pa


Med Center Accused of Causing Paralysis

Dec 18, 2001 @ 11:43 AM — by David Worby

Catheter mistake damaged woman s brain, suit alleges Nancy Boyd loved to dance, and her smile lit up a room, but today the 24-year-old can no longer dance, smile or even swallow. Boyd s mother, Juanita Boyd, said yesterday that s because something went horribly wrong in the operating room at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, where Boyd went for routine outpatient surgery in the spring of 2000 to insert a catheter in her jugular vein for kidney dialysis. Instead of returning home to New Rochelle on March 28, 2000, Boyd suffered irreversible brain damage. She lapsed into a coma, from which she emerged about two months ago. Acting on her daughter s behalf, Boyd s mother filed a lawsuit yesterday in state Supreme Court in White Plains, accusing the medical center and her physicians, Dr. Khalid Butt and his daughter, Dr. Fauzia Butt, of medical malpractice and negligent care. The suit charges that the physicians mistakenly inserted a catheter into Boyd s vertebral artery,

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Injured Construction Worker Awarded $717,000

May 8, 2001 @ 02:05 PM — by David Worby

Mount Kisco man fell 12 feet when floor at site collapsed MOUNT KISCO A Mount Kisco man injured in a 1999 construction accident was awarded $717,000 by a Westchester County jury last week. The judgment awarded the money to Ventura Almanza, who on March 1, 1999 was working with a jackhammer on the second floor of an abandoned schoolhouse at 90 Ringgold St. in Peekskill when the floor gave way, said Howard Frederick, Almanza s attorney. Almanza s lawsuit charged the Peekskill Industrial Development Association and Drum Hill Associates with providing an unsafe working environment, Frederick said. Both Peekskill IDA and Drum Hill, which has offices in Peekskill and Yonkers, had an ownership interest in the building and they were actively involved in its renovation, Frederick said. The floor was supposed to be demolished or go down, but they had given them these wooden planks to stand on, Frederick said. Obviously, they weren t sufficient, because when the floor went, the p

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Boy Wins $14M Settlement in DWI

Mar 13, 2001 @ 08:55 PM — by David Worby

A Yonkers boy who suffered permanent injuries after being hit by a twice-convicted drunken driver two years ago has won a $14 million settlement. Carlton Jackson Jr., 11, was comatose for two weeks and endured several operations after he was hit by a Stanlou Tobacco delivery truck. He had been crossing Warburton Ave., and the collision sent him flying headlong into a fence. Driver Keith Crosby, who witnesses said ran into a nearby bodega to buy breath mints after the accident, is serving a four-year prison sentence fort the DWI, his third conviction. My son was struck down brutally and harshly by this shameless drunk who was allowed to drive despite his history of DWI, said Carlton Jackson Sr. Even with therapy and rehab, Carlton will never be the same again. The family s lawyer, David Worby, said the boy will have to undergo physical therapy for the rest of his life. The settlement ends a civil suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court that named Crosby, Stanlou, and

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Boy Hit by Van Wins $14.4M Settlement

Mar 13, 2001 @ 11:47 AM — by David Worby

A $14.4 million out-of-court settlement was awarded yesterday to an 11-year-old boy, who was run over by a delivery driver with a history of drunken-driving convictions. A $14.4 million out-of-court settlement was awarded yesterday to an 11-year-old boy, who was run over by a delivery driver with a history of drunken-driving convictions. Carlton Jackson Jr. was walking to a nearby bodega to pick up a loaf of bread for his mother on April 24, 1999, when a delivery van driven by Keith Crosby hit him. The impact from the crash sent Jackson, then 9, flying across the road. He suffered brain damage, a fractured femur, a ruptured spleen and other life-altering injuries. Crosby was drunk at the time of the accident. The 40-year-old Yonkers man had been convicted of two other driving-while-intoxicated charges, including one in 1994 that resulted in five years probation, court-ordered alcohol treatment and the revocation of his license. He is currently serving a four-year sentence in

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