Victims of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment

The year 2017 saw a newly found emphasis on the issue of sexual assault, and sexual harassment.  Well-publicized reports from household names became a hot topic of daily discussion.  If we didn’t realize previously how prevalent this issue was, we do now.

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Types of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse rises to the level of criminal activity. The District Attorney and the police will handle the prosecution of the alleged perpetrator. In addition to the criminal aspect, the victim may well be able to seek compensation in the civil system, regardless of whether the perpetrator has been found guilty or not in a criminal trial, and regardless of whether criminal charges were even filed. A lawsuit in a civil court won’t involve jail, or other criminal penalties, but it does involve financial compensation.

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Contact the White Plains sexual abuse and sexual harassment victims lawyers at our practice if you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual abuse or sexual harassment. We’ll take all of your information, and offer quick advice and any next steps to take in the process.  

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We'll Help You Seek Justice

Our sexual abuse lawyers in White Plains can help you seek justice. Suing a sexual predator for monetary damages has its own advantages over and above the possibility of financial compensation. In a criminal case, the defendant has a constitutional right to not testify at a trial. That right may not exist in a civil case, where a defendant can be required to testify, both at a trial, and at a pre-trial deposition, assuming that the criminal case has been resolved. Having an opportunity to face a perpetrator in Court where the perpetrator is required to testify can have a therapeutic effect upon a victim of that defendant’s conduct.

We Help Victims Get Their Lives Back

Our legal team is experienced in helping victims get their lives back. The victim’s attorneys at our White Plains law office have well over 100 years of experience in representing all types of victims, and our firm is dedicated to pursuing justice for sexual abuse victims.

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