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Defective & Unsafe Products

An unsafe product can cause devastating injuries at home, work, or on the road, affecting you physically, emotionally, and financially.

If you have been hurt due to a defective product, the product liability lawyers of Worby Vecchio Edelman, LLP, can help.

How can a free consultation at our White Plains, NY, law firm help you get the justice and financial compensation you deserve?

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If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident involving a defective product, take action. Contact our Westchester County, New York, products liability attorneys ASAP to schedule a free consultation and learn more about filing a product liability claim. 

Why File a Products Liability Claim?

People use dozens of electrical household products today, including automatic machines and appliances in our homes and outdoor products like lawnmowers, as well as electric and gas-powered saws and blowers. We also drive vehicles every day. Should any of these products have a design or manufacturing defect, serious injury to the user may occur that could affect them for the rest of their lives. 

If our White Plains, New York, product liability lawyers win your case, you can receive compensation for the following losses and more:

  • Lost Wages
  • Property Damage
  • Out of Pocket Expenses
  • Medical Expenses
  • Loss of Companionship
  • Life Care Costs
  • Lessened Earning Capacity
  • Emotional Pain & Suffering
  • Physical Pain & Suffering


New York Places No Limits On Product Liability Compensation

Unlike many other states, New York places absolutely no maximum limit on the amount of compensation that can be obtained in product liability claims resulting in personal injury or wrongful death. This allows our White Plains products liability lawyers to achieve major compensation for our clients.

A Recent Product Liability Settlement:  $5,050,000 for Unsafe Design by an Auto Manufacturer

We help clients recover from the emotional and financial burdens that result from accidents involving a defective product.

Our White Plains, New York, law office, located in Westchester County, has won over $1,000,000,000 in personal injury claims. 

Why Choose Us for Your Product Liability Case?

Committed to Protecting Your Rights

Our White Plains, New York, products liability attorneys can help protect your rights if a personal injury has been caused by a defective product.

Experienced and Respected

The personal injury attorneys at Worby Vecchio Edelman, LLP, in White Plains, New York, are vastly experienced in the products liability field and respected in the legal community.

Proven Track Record

We have secured substantial verdicts and settlements for our injured Westchester Country clients for over 50 years.

Complex Cases Don't Scare Us

Other law firms recognize and understand that our attorneys have the ability to handle the largest and most complex accident cases, including cases involving defective products.

Free Consultation/No Upfront Fees

We offer free consultations and we collect no fees unless we settle your product liability case successfully.

Request Proven Representation

Our product liability lawyers have earned widespread acclaim for the service they provide to White Plains clients. In 2023, U.S. News & World Report once again named Worby Vecchio Edelman to its list of the Best Personal Injury Law Firms. 

The same year, we also earned the highest peer-review rating, AV-preeminent, from the famed law firm evaluator Martindale-Hubbell®. This ranking is only given to practices that other attorneys deem to maintain the highest level of knowledge, skills, and ethical standards. To receive our help, all you have to do is call or write to request your 100% free initial consultation. 

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Don't Delay: The Clock Is Ticking You Have Just 2 or 3 Years to File

Statute of limitations laws set hard deadlines for when lawsuits must be filed by. Failing to meet your deadline likely means you forever lose the ability to receive the compensation you deserve. 

In New York, you have three years from the time you were harmed to file a personal injury lawsuit. If your loved one was tragically killed as a result of a defective product, you have only two years from the time of their passing to file your claim. 

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Defective Products Have Substantial Effects

In 2022, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that approximately 80 Americans are killed every year by carbon monoxide from portable generators. This is just one example of the many different types of marketing, design, and manufacturing defects that cause so much harm to our friends, families, and neighbors. 

The Litigation Process and the Value of an Injury

The amount a case may be “worth” depends upon several complicated factors:

Maximizing the value of any case involving product liability requires thorough preparation and an investment of time and resources. This means retaining the necessary experts to prove that the product was defective.

Depending upon where a case is pending, the parties may have the right to depose each other’s experts. This is a key part of the litigation process, which can have a great effect on the ultimate outcome. 

The defendant’s attorneys may ask the Court to dismiss a case before it even gets to trial. That is one of the many reasons why retaining our attorneys to represent you and contact the appropriate experts is so critical.

How Will We Build Your Product Liability Case?

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Calculating Damages

Contacting an attorney as soon as you are physically able to do so will ensure that you follow the correct strategy to preserve your rights in litigation. During the course of our representation, it may be necessary for us to retain an economic expert or a vocational rehabilitation expert. However, before an injured party can collect for the value of an injury, there has to be proof that the product was defective in the first instance.

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Determining Liability

Product liability cases are brought for many reasons, including simple negligence, breach of warranty, or strict liability. Since both defendant's and plaintiff's counsel may wish to inspect the product, it is crucial to preserve it as it was at the time of its last use. We understand you might want to dispose of it but this could have a disastrous effect on your lawsuit. Our New York law firm has the resources to retain all appropriate experts to prove liability.

Team at Worby Vecchio Edelman LLP

Worby Vecchio Edelman LLP

The personal injury attorneys at Worby Vecchio Edelman, LLP, have advocated for the rights of injured clients for over 40 years. Our attorneys' affiliations and recognitions include:

  • Super Lawyers
  • New York State Trial Lawyers Association
  • American Trial Lawyers Association
  • New York State Bar Association
  • Westchester County Bar Association
  • The National Top 100 Trial Lawyers
  • New York State Trial Lawyers Association
  • Best Lawyers

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