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The question of case valuation – deciding what we believe the ultimate value of a case to be – is surely one of the most important questions that the White Plains accident lawyers can answer for a client.  The answer to that question involves many different variables, not all of which are known in the earliest stages of a case.  Those variables include the nature of the injury sustained, and its permanency, if any; the age and occupation of the individual client; the county in which a lawsuit is pending; the identity of the client, and the defendant; and, of course, the extent of the defendant’s liability.

Variables That Can Determine What a Lawsuit is Worth

The county where a lawsuit is brought is a crucial point to consider in case valuation, because the jury pool in some counties is much more favorable than the jury pool in other counties.  Another crucial variable to consider is the client’s age.  One component of damages is future pain and suffering, that is, damages to compensate an injured party into the future for how long that individual must live with a permanent injury.  For that reason, a permanently disabling injury to a younger person with a higher life expectancy would be worth a higher amount than it would be to a considerably older individual with a correspondingly lower life expectancy..

Since lost earnings is a separate category of damages from pain and suffering, an individual’s inability to return to work for a period of time will also affect case value.

Our Accident Lawyers Can Help You

The White Plains accident lawyers at Worby Vecchio Edelman will always respond to this question with as much information as we have; we’ll inform you as to a range of projected settlement value, as well as verdict value for similar cases.  Ultimately, the decision on whether or not to settle a case always belongs to you as the client.  Of course, we’ll inform you of our opinion, and make our recommendations as to what we believe the proper course to be.

As an injured party, it is only natural for a client to focus on the extent of the injury they have suffered.  While obviously a crucial factor in determining value, another crucial factor will be the liability scenario.  The ability to prove fault in a lawsuit will also have a great affect upon the value of a case.  For that reason, the exact same injury will often settle for a different amount depending upon how the accident occurred. 

Communication with our clients is one of the many keys to our success.  We always encourage our clients to ask questions, and we’ll keep you informed on key aspects of the case as it moves through the litigation process.  By communicating and making sure the client understands the process, that client can make an informed decision on whether a settlement offer should be accepted, or not.

Contact Our White Plains Accident Lawyers

Determining the value of a case is obviously a critical part of our representation of accident victims; it’s one of the most important functions that we serve.  Call the White Plains accident lawyers at Worby Vecchio Edelman if you are involved in any type of accident.  We‘re always available to speak to our clients, and we’ll make sure that you understand each and every aspect of the process.  We’ll tell you why we think the value of your case falls within a particular range, and we’ll explain why we recommend a number (or not) when an offer is made.  We owe you nothing less than a full explanation as to all aspects of your case.  We’ll answer all of your questions, and make sure you understand the answers.  We can’t guarantee a result on a legal case, but we do guarantee that you’ll have a full understanding of the process.

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