The Personal Injury Attorneys at WVE: Why We Do What We Do By Worby Vecchio Edelman, LLP on May 01, 2019

personal injury lawyerFor nearly 40 years the White Plains accident attorneys at Worby Vecchio Edelman LLP and its predecessor firms have been engaged in the practice of plaintiff’s personal injury law in the Westchester, New York City and Lower Hudson Valley region.  Our attorneys have represented Ground Zero rescue workers and first responders, and continue to represent those suffering from exposure related injuries before the World Trade Center Victim’s Compensation Fund.  We have represented plaintiffs who have lost parents and even children in heart wrenching accidents, and we have represented victims of medical malpractice.  We have helped people put their lives back together again after what is for many people the worst experience of their lives.

The question, though, is why – why do we put in the effort, and what do we have to gain.  Yes, the practice is a business, and we support ourselves and our families from our earnings as attorneys.  But the answer goes much deeper than that.

Our Law Firm Represents Police Officers and Fire Fighters

We do what we do so that police officers and fire fighters who responded to the devastation at Ground Zero, working non-stop following the darkest day in American history without regard to the long term consequences on their health, can be treated for the inevitable health conditions that arise only years later.  We do what we do so that parties and entities which failed to provide safety equipment to these brave men and women will be required to compensate them for their injuries.

We Represent Construction Workers and Families Who Have Suffered From an Accident

We do what we do so that a woman in her 20s pregnant with her first child, whose husband is killed in a construction accident can still support herself, and so that the unborn child who will never know her father will still have the financial support that her father would have provided.  We do what we do so that that unborn child will be able to attend college, and so that when the case is settled we can know that that mother and child can at least live with a semblance of financial security.

We do what we do so that a sleeping family whose home is set on fire by an out of control tanker truck carrying propane, and who suffer severe burns, can obtain the medical treatment and follow up care that they need, and so that they can resume some type of normalcy in their lives when the physical wounds start to heal.  A settlement in that type of case can help provide for individual family members for years to come.

Our Attorneys Represent Bus Accident Victims and Workers with Career Ending Injuries

We do what we do so that when a family loses a child in a horrific school bus accident, that family can at least know that there will be some type of penalty to pay for the negligence which caused their child’s death.  And we do what we do so that mother and father through their suffering can hope that their loss will help prevent a recurrence of that type of accident.

We do what we do so that construction workers who are not provided with proper safety devices on a major construction job can be compensated for career ending injuries, and so that an owner or general contractor will take the time in the future to ensure that such devices are provided.  We do what we do so that a general contractor will think twice about neglecting to provide a safe work environment.

We Represent Your Loved Ones Injured because of a Doctor’s Negligence

We also do what we do so that the parents of an infant injured at birth has the resources to be provided with the life-long care that will be required as the result of malpractice, or so that the family of a father who died unnecessarily can replace his income over a 25 year period.

We Help Our Clients Obtain the Best Possible Result

Our clients are more than names on legal documents.  Our clients are real people hurt by circumstances beyond their control, and who need help gaining back control.  Some of our clients are relatively lucky, in that their injuries will heal.  Others never heal, be it physically or emotionally, and never recover from the event that devastated their lives.

So, we do what we do to even the playing field, so that accident victims will be able to receive compensation for sometimes life changing injuries caused by someone else’s negligent conduct.  And we do what we do to help our clients obtain the best possible result, and to get back as much of their lives as they can.

The White Plains accident attorneys at Worby Vecchio Edelman have a combined experience of over 150 years in the practice of plaintiff’s personal injury law.  We know the law, and we get results.  Call us if you or a loved one were involved in any type of accident.  We’ll take the time to talk to you, and we’ll let you know if we think you have a case, or if you don’t have a case.  We offer a free consultation, and since we work on contingency, we don’t charge a fee unless we obtain money on your case.  Let us do what we do on your behalf. 

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