Auto Accidents in Urban Areas and City Streets By Worby Vecchio Edelman, LLP on June 24, 2015

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We'd like to consider why city streets and urban areas pose so many hazards to drivers and others on the road.

Busy City Streets Pose Multiple Dangers

While freeways seem like the most dangerous place for auto accidents to occur, a number of collisions also occur on city streets and in urban city centers. These busy streets and city streets can pose a number of dangers to motorists, which is why drivers need to exercise caution while they are driving in the city.

Greater Likelihood of Multi-Vehicle Collisions

While on city streets, there tends to be more traffic that flows steadily. With more vehicles on the road, the likelihood of serious auto accidents involving multiple vehicles increases. Multi-vehicle auto accidents can result in serious injuries since there are more cars and trucks involved in these sorts of collisions.

Intersections Can Pose Major Hazards

Whether you're making a guarded left turn or not, intersections in cities can be dangerous. Drivers can speed through intersections to avoid red lights, or they may be distracted and not notice the lights have changed. If there is a blackout or a signal malfunction, the four-way stop situation can result in fender benders and worse sorts of collisions.

Road Work and Poor Road Conditions

City streets tend to be worked on a lot by crews and subject to regular maintenance. Because of this, lanes may be narrow, or traffic may become more dense in these areas. The roads themselves may be dangerous, or perhaps the construction vehicles used by the crews can pose some dangers. Whatever the case may be, roadwork can pose a number of hazards to people on city streets.

Drunk Drivers Pose Major Risks

After major events or even after bars let out, there is the chance that there will be drunk drivers on the road in city streets. If you drive while drunk, your decision-making is impaired as are your reflexes and reaction times. Driving drunk is never a good idea, so be sure to drink responsibly and drive only when you are sober.

Taxis and Mass Transit Can Make Roads Dangerous

In addition to commuter vehicles and large trucks, city streets also contain buses and taxis that can potentially cause accidents. The added vehicles and the congestion on the road make multi-vehicle collisions more likely, as we noted above.

Pedestrians and Bicyclists Are Also at Risk of Being Harmed

Motorists aren't the only people at risk when it comes to city street auto accidents. Pedestrians and bicyclists also need to be careful when it comes to being out on the road. Serious accidents with pedestrians and bicyclists can lead to severe and even fatal injuries given how vulnerable both are with regard to collisions. We share the road, so be sure to drive responsibly.

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