Auto Accidents and Highways: Dangers at Higher Speeds By Worby Vecchio Edelman, LLP on March 24, 2015

A highway full of trucks and trafficThe attorneys of Worby Groner Edelman, LLP have helped countless clients in the greater Westchester County region from their office in White Plains. Their legal guidance and sound counsel has been especially helpful for lawsuits involving injuries and fatalities related to auto accidents. A number of these severe accident occur on the highways of New York, which is why we'd like to explore these issues right now.

Highways Are Essential But Are Dangerous as Well

Highways are an important part of commerce and travel, particularly getting around the city and into locations upstate. Yet even though these highways are so crucial, they are a place in which major accidents can occur.

Higher Speeds Means Deadlier Accidents

While driving and traveling on highways, vehicles travel and much greater speeds. These greater speeds mean a number of things. For one, it means that it's more difficult to avoid vehicles that may pose a danger to you as they are approaching. In addition, the force generated from the impact of vehicles that are traveling fast can be tremendous, resulting in serious injuries and even death.

It's important to always travel at the proper speed limit and to slow down when it makes sense (e.g., bad weather) in order to avoid accidents.

Multiple Vehicles Can Lead to Major Collisions

On highways, there are often multiple vehicles on the road across multiple lanes. Whenever there are more vehicles on the road, the chance of a multi-vehicle collision increases. These kinds of accidents mean the number of injuries and the potential for fatal injuries is multiplied simply given the number of people involved in the crash.

When driving among many other vehicles, be sure to provide the proper amount of space between lanes and between the cars in front of an behind you. Use turn signals and check your blind spots in order to avoid major accidents.

Reckless Behaviors Endanger Multiple Drivers

On highways, there are a number of drivers who engage in reckless behaviors. In addition to speeding, this also means aggressive driving, tailgating, weaving/constant lane shifts, and so forth. Road rage may also occur on highways. These dangerous behaviors mean that accidents are far more likely to occur.

If you notice any reckless behaviors while on the road, be sure to avoid these irresponsible drivers. Do not allow their behaviors to lead you toward brash or reckless decisions behind the wheel.

Distracted Driving Is Much Worse on Highways

Texting while driving has become a major issue with regard to driver distraction in recent years, but it's much more dangerous on highways. Taking your eyes off the road for multiple seconds means that you are in effect driving blind for tens of dozens of yards. Other forms of distractions can similarly lead to a dangerous scenario on the highway.

If you are behind the wheel, keep your attention on the road. Do not use your mobile device while driving and be sure to avoid other sorts of distractions.

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