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Quadriplegia Cases: Lawsuits for a Lifetime of Medical Treatments

White Plains Quadriplegia Cases

Posted on: January 26, 2015

A judge gavelThe White Plains law firm of Worby Groner Edelman, LLP believes that all injury victims require skilled legal representation. Major auto accidents can leave you disabled for the rest of your life, and having an attorney to help with the legal process can provide some peace of mind as you and your loved ones adjust to life ahead. This is of particular importance when it comes to quadriplegia, a severe form of paralysis that impacts your life, your livelihood, and the lives of those closest to you.

Defining Quadriplegia

Also known as tetraplegia, quadriplegia refers to the loss of use and sensation in all of the extremities. It is a severe form of paralysis that renders a person paralyzed for the rest of his or her life.

Quadriplegia does not occur in just any kind of spinal cord injury. There must be severe damage to the spine in the upper regions of the spinal cord, particularly the neck. The severity of the impairment for a quadriplegic will be determined by the location of the spinal cord injury. Essentially, the higher up on the spinal cord, the worse the case of paraplegia.

Common Causes of Quadriplegia

Some of the most common causes of quadriplegia include the following:

  • Major auto accidents
  • Serious pedestrian or bicycle accidents
  • Severe slips or falls
  • Construction accidents
  • Mishaps at industrial work sites
  • Egregious medical or surgical mistakes
  • Assaults and attacks
  • Sports injuries

The Difficulties of Living with Quadriplegia

If a spinal cord injury renders you quadriplegic, you will need constant assistance to perform simple tasks through the day. This means everything from preparing meals to clothing yourself to basic personal hygiene needs. Transportation options will be severely limited, and you will require a special wheelchair to get around if you do not have a loved one present to help you.

Medical attention may be a constant fact of life. With spinal cord injuries near the top of the spinal cord, patients will need mechanical assistance just to breathe. This and other health concerns will require monitoring from skilled professionals who understand the nature of spinal cord injuries.

Major Changes to the Trajectory of Your Life

With the loss of use of all your limbs, you can imagine the major changes to your quality of life. Career opportunities and earning potential is severely diminished given the nature of the impairment, and enjoying simple recreational activities may no longer be an option. You may need to drastically alter your living situation to account for your limited mobility and to improve accessibility around the home.

This does not even go into the likely emotional struggles that you and your loved ones will face as a result of the incident. Each day will present certain challenges and struggles, which is why it's important to have our legal team on your side.

Our Lawyers Will Fight for You and Your Loved Ones

The attorneys at our firm will hold the negligent party who caused your injury accountable for your medical expenses and future living expenses. We will also seek damages to account for the pain and suffering that has been caused. These damages will help make the future more manageable for you and those you love.

Speak with the Lawyers of Worby Groner Edelman, LLP

To learn more about your legal options following a catastrophic injury that results in paralysis and lifelong disability, we encourage you to contact our personal injury law firm today. At Worby Groner Edelman, LLP, we will work closely with you to ensure that you receive strong legal counsel during a trying and difficult time.


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