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Nursing Home Negligent Care

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Posted on: April 30, 2013

Do you have a loved one who is currently a resident of a nursing home?  Are they receiving the care they should?  At Worby Groner Edelman, we have represented numerous clients who have been injured by the negligence of the nursing home staff.  In one case, the patient was known to be prone to falling due to his age and medical condition.  The nursing home was aware of this as evidenced by the fact that their own records indicated that the plaintiff was supposed to be watched carefully.

The patient's family came to us saying they were advised by the nursing home that their father had fallen in the shower and fractured his hip.  Of course the staff of the nursing home tried to avoid responsibility by saying that they were not able to provide supervision to one patient all of the time.  This case went to trial.  Our experienced attorneys who handle nursing home negligence cases were able to prove that the nursing home was wrong.  The jury agreed with us and the client was awarded a large sum of money because the jury felt that the staff had not fulfilled their obligation to provide proper supervision.

The attorneys at Worby Groner Edelman have many years of experience in this type of case.  If a family member or someone you know is currently in a nursing home and you suspect that they have been injured as a result of the negligence of the nursing home staff, call us immediately.  We will answer any questions you have and remember, there is never a fee unless we are successful!




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