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Bad Faith InsuranceIt's important that businesses of any kind uphold their end of a written agreement. Doing so shows consumers and business partners that the business is committed to fulfilling their obligations as well as to the letter of the law. Sometimes, however, businesses try to get out of their obligations to others through bad practices and misconduct. One example of this is when insurance companies act in bad faith. You may not be aware of this sort of tort, so our legal team would like to go over this issue right now. Rest assured that our White Plains personal injury attorneys will be able to explain these matters to you further during your legal consultation.

What is bad faith insurance?

Insurance bad faith refers to an instance in which an insurance provider does not pay an insured client for a legitimate claim. The insurance company has a contract with the insured, and hence has a legal obligation to pay the claimant as stipulated in the contract. Failure to do so is a violation of insurance law. Our New York personal injury attorneys have helped numerous clients with such matters over the years.

Examples of Bad Faith Insurance

One example of bad faith is to deny a claim that is legitimate or failing to investigate a legitimate insurance claim. Another example of bad faith has to do with payment. Sometimes insurance providers will act in bad faith by delaying payment of the claim or paying only part of the amount owed. Finally, insurance companies can also act in bad faith by consciously reinterpreting the language of an agreement to work in their favor. This could be done to deny a claim or reduce the payment to the claimant.

Since have have dealt with various legal cases and negligence claims, we are well aware of all these bad practices that insurance companies may engage in.

How Our Legal Team Can Help You

Insurance law and contract law can be extremely complicated given the legalese involved and the nuanced precedents regarding such matters. Our team of legal professionals will help cut through the dense language and obfuscation of the insurance company and get you straight answers about your claim. This level of dedication and clear headedness will be essential if you want to receive justice.

Other Legal Matters We Can Assist You With

In addition to matters of insurance bad faith, our legal team has years of experience when it comes to business law and personal injury cases. Our skilled White Plains auto accident attorneys will always fight tenaciously for our clients and provide sound advice and counsel every step of the way. We are here for you and your loved ones.

Learn More About Your Legal Options in New York

For more information about bad faith insurance and other legal matters affecting you and your loves ones, contact our New York personal injury lawyers today. The entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve justice and fair representation.

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