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Boy wins $14M settlement in DWI

Boy Wins $14M Settlement in DWI

Daily News, March 13, 2001

Boy wins $14M settlement in DWIA Yonkers boy who suffered permanent injuries after being hit by a twice-convicted drunken driver two years ago has won a $14 million settlement.

Carlton Jackson Jr., 11, was comatose for two weeks and endured several operations after he was hit by a Stanlou Tobacco delivery truck. He had been crossing Warburton Ave., and the collision sent him flying headlong into a fence.

Driver Keith Crosby, who witnesses said ran into a nearby bodega to buy breath mints after the accident, is serving a four-year prison sentence fort the DWI, his third conviction.

“My son was struck down brutally and harshly by this shameless drunk who was allowed to drive despite his history of DWI,” said Carlton Jackson Sr.

“Even with therapy and rehab, Carlton will never be the same again.”

The family’s lawyer, David Worby, said the boy will have to undergo physical therapy for the rest of his life.

The settlement ends a civil suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court that named Crosby, Stanlou, and two companies affiliated with Stanlou.

Stanlou denied knowledge of Crosby’s drunken-driving record, though Worby said the company had fired and rehired him at least twice.

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